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This item is a printed announcement card for an open house on August 11. There is a poem above the announcement about a house. The card is signed "Howard, Lucy, Phil, and William Mast and their families." The announcement appears on the scrapbook…

This item is a scan of a postcard featuring a painting of Mayview Manor, in Blowing Rock, NC. The caption reads "where Aunt Lucy worked." This image appears on page 48 of the W. W. Mast Family "Mast Store & V. C." Scrapbook.

This image is a photograph of Alex, Jane Anderson's daughter, standing near rosebushes (possibly at Lucy Olsen's home). This is a loose image in the W. W. Mast Family North Carolina Scrapbook

This image is a professional portrait of Richard and Lucy Olsen. It is a loose image in the W. W. Mast Family North Carolina Scrapbook.

This is a photograph of Thelma and Frank Mast with Lucy Mast Olsen in Greenfield Valley, Michigan. They are standing outside the doors of a brick building with large white columns. It appears on the middle left of page 29 of the W. W. Mast Family…

This image is a photograph of three people- a woman, most likely Diana Mast White, on the left, with Lucy Olsen and a child. There is no date given. They are standing outside in front of a porch. The child is smiling and has something sticking out…

This image is a photograph of Lucy Mast Olsen (left) and three unidentified women. The women are standing in front of a large hedge with a rhododendron bush and porch behind them. The women are all wearing brightly colored dresses and standing in the…

This image is a group photograph with no identifications. The group appears to be standing next to a home with mountains in the background. A large dog is being petted by a woman in the group. This image was possibly taken at the Olsen home in Valle…

This image is a photograph of Lucy Olsen (left) and two unidentified women, seated for a photograph inside. They are all wearing a broach with a knee length dress. A car is visible out the window behind them. This image appears on the left in the top…

This image is a blurry photograph of Lucy Mast Olsen (far left), Richard Olsen (seated left), and family members. It is possible the family members with them are Phil Mast, Jeannette Phillips Mast, and one of their sons. This is a loose image in the…
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