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This color slide shows a southwest-facing view of buildings on the south side of King Street, including the intersection with Appalachian Street. Visible are the Appalachian Theater and Macado's Restaurant.

This color slide shows an Appalachian State University banner on a lightpole at the southwest corner of King Street and Appalachian Street. King Street businesses Carolina Business Machines, Appalachian Tees, and Macado's Restaurant can be seen on…

This color slide shows the store fronts of Macado's, Varsity Men's Wear, and Footsloggers on West King Street in Boone, NC.

This color slide shows 543-549 West King Street as they appeared in 1994. Seen at far left is the front window of Macado's. At right is the outdoor gear shop, Footsloggers, which has since moved to Depot Street.
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