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This image shows an unidentified man and woman standing on The Blowing Rock.

This image shows a scene from Horn in the West in which Daniel Boone enters with Cherokee allies. They appear to be pointing guns at two British colonial men. Although it is difficult to read, the name, 'Calvin' appears to be written on the slide…

Taken from the gravel road, this image shows an unidentified house. A man pushes a lawn mower in the front yard.

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Taken in March 1957, this image shows an unidentified man wearing a brimmed hat and a wool coat. He is seated in the snow in front of a fence. His arms are crossed over his knees and his head is bowed, causing the brim of his hat to obscure his face.…

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This photograph shows three men dressed in pioneer costumes, probably during the 1949 Watauga County Centennial. The man in the left of the photo leads a mule and carries a powderhorn. The other two men long hold rifles. The notation "Set 3" appears…
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