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This image shows a large fireplace and mantle. The image was taken inside of Ernest and Mattie Alice Hodges' home in Adam, NC. The mantle is lined with portraits of family members and small figurines. The individuals in the photos on the mantle have…

This image shows a young woman and man, identified as siblings Margaret Marie Hodges and Ernest Elmo "Buck" Hodges, posing beside a car. Margaret wears a summer dress and heels. She holds a large clutch bag in one hand and links her other arm with…

This image shows a young woman and a soldier, identified as Margaret Marie Hodges and cousin Homer M. Barnes, posing together in the snow. The pair stand in front of a small evergreen tree that is dusted with snow. Margaret wears a knee-length skirt…

This image shows a young woman, identified as Margaret Marie Hodges, sitting with her hands resting on her knees. She wears an apron over a ruffled blouse and long skirt.

This image shows three women, of varying ages, sitting on a set of steps in front of a house. A porch railing can be seen in the upper left of the image. The individuals have been identified as Margaret Marie Hodges and mother, Mattie Alice Hodges,…

This image shows individuals, identified as Margaret Marie Hodges, longtime fiance Bill Horne, and Marie's mother, Mattie Alice Hodges, posing in front of a pond. The pond appears to have a fountain shooting up in the middle. The trio are nicely…

This image shows a young couple, identified as Margaret Marie Hodges and longtime fiance Bill Horne, with their arms around one another. There is possibly a screened in porch behind them.

This image shows two older people seated with four younger individuals standing behind them. The group is outside in front of a house with the front porch visible. The people have been identified as Mattie Alice and Ernest M. Hodges (seated), and…

This image shows an older couple posing on stairs with their two children. The family has been identified as Ernest M. Hodges, wife Mattie Alice, son Ernest "Buck," and daughter Margaret Marie. The two women wear knee-length skirts and heels. Both…

This image shows two young woman posing outside in the dark. The woman on the left appears to be a nurse due to her cap. The woman on the right has been identified as Margaret Marie Hodges and wears what looks like a fur coat.
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