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This item is a black and white photograph of a man and woman standing in front of a team of horses attached to several carts. There is possibly a plow at the end of the carts. There is a chicken to the right of the horses. They appear to be standing…

This image shows a man riding on a tractor that is plowing a field. The tractor reads "David Brown 885." Another man is standing on the opposite side of the tractor observing. Image in box labeled NC State U. Wat. Co ITR Line Oot-Production (?) April…

This image shows what appear to be two Kubota riding lawn mowers with attachments on the back that clear grasses and fields. There are six men visible that appear to be observing the machinery. One man is wearing plaid pants and another is wearing…

This slide is not labeled. The image is of what appears to be a pasture with part of a field plowed. There is a wooden fence running through the pasture. Image in box addressed to T. G. Toon dated April '59. Image appears to date to circa April 1959.

This slide is labeled "Victor Farthing." The image shows a hillside field, part of which appears to have been plowed. There is a wooden fence lining most of the field and cutting through the center of the image. Image in box addressed to T. G. Toon…

This slide is labeled "Victor Farthing." The image is of a horse working a field. Grass and dirt can be seen covering most of the ground. The horse appears to be pulling a plow with a man behind it. Image in a box labeled Progress Day 1959. Image…

A man wearing a flat brim hat is driving a tractor with a smile on his face. He is passing under a telephone wire, and dragging what looks like an improvised plowing implement consisting of planks of wood and heavy rocks across the ground. On the…

This photograph shows a man riding a mule-drawn metal plow down King Street during the 1949 Watauga County Centennial Parade.
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