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This real photo postcard features a baby sitting upright. The baby has short hair and is wearing a long, white gown. The baby is sitting on what looks to be a chair with a dark cloth draped over it.

This real photo postcard features a vignetted portrait of a man standing up straight and wearing a suit with Arrow collars.

This real photo postcard, addressed to 201 Oak St. in Bristol, Virginia, but never mailed, features an image of a young boy on a settee. The boy is wearing shorts, a white shirt, and an overcoat, and he has his legs crossed. A pastoral, painted…

This real photo postcard features a portrait of a baby seated at a miniature chair and table. The baby is wearing white clothing and a dark colored hat.

This image is a postcard with a color photograph of Dutch Creek Falls, near Valle Crucis.

This image is a color postcard picturing the Valle Crucis School.

This image is a weathered scan of a postcard, picturing the Valle Crucis Industrial School from an aerial perspective.

This image is a postcard picturing Bishop Ives' House Tea Room, Valle Crucis Home Crafts League. The image is Bishop Ives' house in Valle Crucis, NC. Addressed to Mr. Rodney J. Cobb of Davenport, Iowa, this postcard is dated Sept. 1, 1919. On its…

Wat-His-3-04 Notes on 1936 film  1930s postcard  typescript of names from Downtown Boone 1936.pdf
This document includes handwritten and typewritten notes regarding the 1936 H. Lee Waters film of Boone (misdated as 1938), in which various individuals are identified, albeit with few clues to line up the names with the individuals seen in the film.…

The note on the back of the postcard image described in Pal-Bla-4-265 states: "Hey all" "We got home safe and soundly this morn. Had no trouble except the car heated up some. We are all well - take care of yourself." "Palmer." The left side reads,…
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