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This photograph shows Mickey McGuire wearing the Queen of the Centennial crown and gown giving a speech at the 1949 Watauga County Centennial. Margaret Hagaman holds the trane of her dress and Joan Powell holds the pillow that carried the Queen of…

A large group photo of seventeen women, all contestants for Queen of the Centennial. Sitting left to right: Barbara Jones, Shirley May Swift (Mack), Virginia Moody, Billie Bagett (Parker), Rebbecca Shoemake, Joan Aldridge; Standing: Annie May Carroll…

Mickey McGuire ("Lois Mickey McGuire" written on back) wears her Queen of the Centennial regalia while standing between Margaret Hagaman ("L. D.'s oldest sister" written on back) and Joan Powell. Both Margaret and Joan are wearing costumes…

Mickey Mcguire poses for a picture with Margaret Hagaman. Mickey is seated and wears a formal dress, flower corsage, and the Queen of the Centennial crown. Joan also wears Centennial regalia.

A clipping from the (Charlotte?) Observer newspaper depicting Mickey McGuire posing with Mayor of Boone, Gordon Winkler, while touching his beard. The text indicates that Mickey is the Queen of the Centennial and that Mayor Winkler grew the beard to…

An article from the June 30, 1949, issue of the Watauga Democrat announcing the winners of the Centennial Pioneer and Queen of the Centennial Contests as Reverend S. E. Gragg and Mickey McGuire. The clipping includes photographs of both winners as…

A portrait of Mickey McGuire wearing a costume as part of the 1949 Centennial. Her outfit includes a light colored dress with puffy short sleeves, a necklace with a jeweled star pendant, and a large bonnet tied in a bow.

A portrait of Mickey McGuire wearing her Queen of the Centennial regalia in 1949. Her outfit includes a jeweled crown, silky dress, and a cape with a high collar.
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