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This image shows a document that discusses the theater service ribbon for Sergeant Johnny P. Greene in March of 1944.

In this photo a woman sitting in a chair as the picture is taken. Her right hand is resting on the handle of the chair. A large bow or ribbon can be seen around her neck. The woman is holding something in her left hand.

This picture is a color slide of a Homecoming Parade on King Street. The picture shows a few cars and other parade participants moving through King Street. The car near the front of the parade has two women in very long dresses. The car is labeled…

This image shows a portrait of a young woman sitting in a chair with tea on the arm table next to her. There is a vase of flowers on the table as well. The back of the photograph states "Hattie Greer Greene." Image appears to date to circa 1902. The…

This image is of two young female children. They are both dressed in what appears to be light-colored, or white, dresses. Their hair is pulled back with ribbon and bow. The back of the photograph lists "Crathie Shell Guy and Earleen Greene…

This item is a black and white photograph of Rufus Edmisten (far right) another student and a man. The man is wearing a tie for Future Farmers of America. Both of the students have ribbons on their jackets. This is the only image on page 18 of the…

This image shows a man standing behind a glass counter with rolls of ribbon on it. Behind the man are cluttered shelves that have multiple size bags and a banner that says "cards for all occasions." What appears to be an open safe can be seen in the…

This item is a color photograph of two women. They are standing in front of a wall with wooden paneling on the lower half. The woman on the left is wearing an emerald green dress, and the woman on the right is wearing a white dress with a purple…

This item found on page 61 of the scrapbook is a black and white photograph of a young couple standing on what appears to be a dirt road or path. They are smiling at the camera and both are wearing hats. The woman is wearing a long ribbon belted…

This item found on page 57 of the scrapbook is a black and white photograph featuring a young woman in a long belted dress. She appears to be standing in a yard next to farmland. Since there is only one item per page no overview scans were made.
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