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Copy of Jim-Lai-01-031-a.jpg
This image shows a building in a valley surrounded by trees. There are three people that can be seen sitting on the porch. There is a smaller building to the side of the main building. A hill is visible in the distance and a large rock is in front of…

This image shows seven rows of negatives. The top rows feature images of a waterfall. The middle rows focus on roots on a trail and views of a waterfall. The bottom rows feature images of a shed and old homesite. This sheet has 2042 written on the…

This image shows a dump truck traveling on a highway that has been cut into a mountain. There are large rock walls and piles on both sides of the divided highway. There was no writing on the back of this image.

This image shows the bridge on Grandfather Mountain. "2026-26 is on the back of this image. This image is the same as seen in War-Bru-01-019.

This image shows Grandfather Mountain and the mile-high swinging bridge. Tree limbs obscure the top right of the image. "2026-26" is on the back of this image.

This image shows a two-story farmhouse with an addition on the back. There is a stone foundation around the porch. The first level of the chimney uses stone while the second uses brick. There are chimneys on either side of the home. Firewood can be…

This image shows a multi-leveled highway. Both levels of the highway are two lane, one way. The lower level of highway goes into a tunnel in the distance. The back of this image reads "2041-3A".

This image shows a curve in Highway 321. This shows the hillside before further construction was completed. The highway is divided by concrete barriers. The left hillside is nearly entirely rock and the sun peaks over the ridges of the nearby…

This image shows a dammed portion of the river. There is a handwritten caption underneath that reads "Go east on the old turnpike from John Ward's Store and, in a quarter of a mile or so, you come to Ward's sawmill and the milldam."

This image shows a stone retaining wall along to edge of the Ward Store. This wall was built to "stabilize the roadbed" that was created after the Ward additions to the building moved the previous roadway. The handwritten caption underneath the image…
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