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This image shows members of the wedding party and assorted guests at the wedding reception for A. M. Mast hosted by J. C. Shull of Shulls Mills, North Carolina, on August 23, 1893. A large barn is visible at right, with a split-rail fence dividing…

Reel #24 of 26 home movies in the original Clarence A. Price Home Movie Collection, this reel begins with a brief shot of the St. Luke's Church sign in Boone, NC, followed by scenes of fall foliage, perhaps in 1954, with individuals climbing on a…

Whiting House "Ottaray" at Shulls

Whiting House "Ottaray" at Shulls

Whiting House "Ottaray" at Shulls

Whiting House "Ottaray" at Shulls Mills
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