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In this photo, a church choir sings in a church. Whoever they are singing to cannot be seen in the picture. They are reading and singing from choir books. One choir member, a man, is directing the choir.

This photo shows a choir in front of a church with all the members sitting down except a woman who is signing a solo and a man who seems to be directing her. Behind the woman, another woman and a man seem to be preparing to baptize a tiny baby whom…

In this photo, a church choir sings in a church to a crowd not seen on camera. They are reading and singing from church choir books in their hands. Both men and women are seen in the choir. It is possible this was taken during the Christmas holiday…

This image depicts a newspaper clipping from the Greensboro Daily News. At the top of the clipping, "Music and musicians N Greensboro Daily News May 10, 1953" is written in pencil. The clipping is of the article "Opera Institute Planned At Boone This…

Black and white photograph of a group of people singing outside. This appears to be the same event shown in #066 of this series

Small black and white portrait of gosphel singers Rick and Phyllis Webb.

Medium black and white photograph of a girl singing.

This item is a black and white photograph of a lady in a mermaid style dress standing in the center of a room. She has one hand raised and appears to be singing into a microphone. Tables of soldiers surround the woman. Behind her is possibly a bar…
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