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Picture taken by George Flowers of unnamed winners at the Snow Carnival of the South on the top of Beech Mountain in 1973. The winners are posing with a man in a suit in a congratulatory manner.

A photograph of the W.R. Winkler Home on Blowing Rock Road in Boone. Snow covers the stone home and the yard around it. Shoveled snow can be seen piled by the side of the road in front of the home.

A photograph of Newland Residence Hall on Appalachian State University campus. Heavy snow covers the roof and window ledges of the building as well as the ground around the building and the single, bare tree that stands in front. At the bottom of the…

A photograph of a building behind trees. The trees and ground in front of the building are covered in heavy, white snow. The photograph is marked A.S.T.C. on the left side and BOONE, NC on the right side.

A photograph of a brick building with stairs leading to the door. Inscribed stone above the door reads LIBRARY. Snow covers the ground in front of the library as well as the two trees that stand in front of the building.

A photograph of a multi-story brick building. The entire ground around the building as well as the trees that encircle it are covered with heavy, white snow.

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A photograph of a large, frozen tree branch. Behind the branch a brick building can be seen.

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A photograph of a frozen over dam on Blowing Rock Road in Boone. Snow and ice cover the water as well as most of the hill behind the dam.

A photograph of a house on Winkler Creek Road built for W.R. Winkler Jr. taken from across the street. Snow covers the roof of the house as well as the ground and trees that surround it.

A photograph of the Belle Winkler house. Snow covers the roof of the hours as well as the ground, trees, and fence that surround it.
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