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This black and white image possibly shows the A.E. South Home, as indicated by the handwritten "A.E. South (?) Home" note on the back of the print. The dark colored home features a steeply pitched roof, a brick chimney on the left side, two brick…

Image shows a scene looking west on King Street in downtown Boone, NC, about 1956 after a heavy snowfall. There are cars parked in front of parking meters along the street. There are signs for businesses that read: City Meat Market and Grocery,…

A photograph of a building behind trees. The trees and ground in front of the building are covered in heavy, white snow. The photograph is marked A.S.T.C. on the left side and BOONE, NC on the right side.

A parked 1955 or 1956 Ford Fairlane in the snow. A field and building are visible in the distance. An inscription written on the back of the photograph reads: "The country, Boone/April 1966-Where I lived."

This photograph shows two army helicopters landed in a snowy clearing, most likely during the infamous 1960 Blizzard. "James F Carter 406 1/2 E. Howard St. Boone, N.C" is written on the back of the photo.

In this image, plowed cropland and an empty pasture abutts a colorful autumn forest. The slide mount is dated Oct 84.

This image shows B. W. Stallings atop a snow drift behind his Stallings Jewelry Shop and next to the Appalachian Theatre in Downtown Boone. The east fire escape for the the theater can be seen behind Stallings, and a small dog is near his feet. The…

This black and white image features the "Bell Winkler House" in 1950, according to a hand written label on the back of the printed photograph. A wooden split-rail fence surrounds the tree-filled property. Snow blankets the home and its surroundings.…

A photograph of the Belle Winkler house. Snow covers the roof of the hours as well as the ground, trees, and fence that surround it.

Black and white image of the house and family of Mrs. R. K. Bingham in the snow.

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