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In this photo, two women are opening their Christmas presents on a couch. The woman on the left is looking at a small gift in her hands, while the woman on the right is unwrapping something. There are two candy canes of candy between the two women. A…

This photo shows a family, five women, two men, and a baby, as they pose for a family picture in front of a fireplace. One of the men on the right in the first row is holding the baby in front of him. Everyone is smiling. It appears to be around…

This item is a black and white studio portrait of a family. Two children stand on either side of seated adults. They appear to be in a sitting room or living room. There is a staircase in the background with an ornate iron design. Both adults and the…

This item is a black and white picture of a woman with a sweater reclining near a tree stump in the middle of a forest. She appears to be wearing a necktie and rolled stockings. This appears to be the same location as seen in items 361, 362, and 377…

This item is a black and white photograph of a young woman seated on a wall. It is possibly a bridge as the ground appears to be wooden and telephone poles are lining the bank behind her. She is wearing what might be a school uniform. The name on the…

This item is a greeting card that reads, "Seasons Greetings to you Bob and Ada Busteed." A cartoon image of a mantel holding a stocking with a puppy inside sits beside the text. A black and white photograph of a dog in a field sits at the top of the…

This image shows siblings sitting on the hearth of their brick fireplace in their pajamas. Above them hang their stockings from the mantle. A Christmas tree is sitting in the corner of the room. One of the siblings is wearing cat eye style glasses.

This image shows members of a family sitting in their den, either in front of or beside of their brick fireplace. Christmas decorations and Christmas tree can be seen within the room.

This image shows a father, who appears to be Dr. Jack D. Lawrence, watching as his children are hanging their stockings along their fireplace mantle. The man is wearing a suit and metal frame glasses.

This image shows four siblings looking inside of their stockings on Christmas day. Each of them is wearing pajamas.
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