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Copy of Jim-Lai-01-103.jpg
This image shows a girl wearing a Starclaire cheer uniform. The sweater with the Starclaire logo is white and the skirt is red. The girl is also wearing a red hair bow and holding white and red pom poms. A basketball is visible on the floor in front…

Copy of Jim-Lai-01-089-a.jpg
This image shows a group of men, women, and children posing together for a photograph. One man is wearing a suit and tie while others are wearing sweaters. One woman is holding a baby and wearing a lace trim shirt and glasses. Another woman is…

This item is a black and white photograph of "J. B.," likely James Brady Mast. He is wearing a sweater with a tie and standing next to what appears to be the door of a car. There are mountains visible in the background of the rocky path he is…

This item is an overview scan of page 25 in the James Mast scrapbook. It features three images with captions.

This item is two black and white connected portraits of a young woman wearing a patterned sweater. In the image on the right she appears to also have a scarf. The caption reads "Bill" and the image is found on the bottom middle of page 19 in the…

This item is an overview scan of page 19 in the James Mast scrapbook. It features four images with captions.

This image shows a man standing next to a table of pants and sweaters. Behind the man are shelves and tables with more products on them. A staircase can be seen in the right of the photo. This man has been identified as Jake Caudill, who managed…

This item is a black and white studio portrait of a toddler. The child is wearing a knit hat, dress with a sweater, and mary jane style shoes. There is a small, possibly embroidered design in the center of the dress. Some damage can be seen that is…

This item is a black and white picture of a woman with a sweater reclining near a tree stump in the middle of a forest. She appears to be wearing a necktie and rolled stockings. This appears to be the same location as seen in items 361, 362, and 377…

This item is a black and white picture of a toddler dressed in white clothing and wearing a crochet sweater. Behind the child there is the shoulder of another. The background is completely out of focus.
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