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Shot from among the crowd, this image shows two unidentified men standing on a stage at the Tweetsie Homecoming in Hickory, NC, in 1956 among red, white, and blue flags and decor.

This image shows country-western performance artist, Fred Kirby, signing autographs during the Tweetsie Homecoming in 1956. Engine No. 12 is visible behind him.

This image shows a large crowd of spectators gathered at the side of the tracks in Hickory, NC, watching the Tweetsie No. 12 Steam Locomotive during its Homecoming in 1956. Two Confederate flags cross each other on the front of the engine.

This image shows country-western performance artist, Fred Kirby, during the Homecoming of Tweetsie Engine No. 12 at Hickory, NC. He leans over a banner on a raised platform and appears to address the crowd below. At far right, autograph-seeking fans…

Linville River Railway train arriving in Boone. Passing in front of the Appalachian Training School. Howard's Knob is visible in the background at right. What may be the first Administrative Building is visible at the center of the image. Boone…

This black and white image features 6 people (3 women, 3 men, appearing to be coupled off) standing in front of the stage set-up for the celebration of Tweetsie's arrival in Hickory in 1956. The couples appear to be in period dress (late nineteenth,…

This black and white image shows two men standing behind a podium and microphone on the stage set-up to celebrate and announce Tweetsie's homecoming in Hickory, 1956. Several brick storefronts are visible in the background, as well as an American…

This black and white image shows a man in a conductor's hat sitting at the helm of Tweetsie during the 1956 homecoming celebration. The engine is labeled with a large, white "12" and "Tweetsie" along its side. The man looks down into the crowd from…

This black and white image shows at least six passengers seated in one of Tweetsie's passenger cars at the homecoming celebration in 1956. The men and women pose for the photograph through the small windows above each seat. The car is labeled with a…

This black and white image shows a large crowd moving around near the stage where the arrival of Tweetsie will be announced. Two women cross the railroad tracks that cross through the center of the image to join the festivities. Several brick store…
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