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This newsletter, found on page 23 of the photo album titled V.C. Mission School, describes school happenings, and was published in March 1918. It discusses the closure of the academic portion of the school, due to financial stress during WWI. The…

This image is a photograph of the confirmation class of May 1919 at the Valle Crucis Industrial School. Students are standing together with their instructors.

This image is the back of a photograph of the Valle Crucis School. It appears to have been cut out of a newspaper or yearbook judging by the text.

This image is a landscape photograph of buildings in Valle Crucis, including the Valle Crucis School.

This image is a photograph of two buildings, probably including the Valle Crucis Industrial School, between 1912-1916.

This image is a postcard with photograph of the Valle Crucis Missions, including the Industrial School, taken 1905 from an aerial view.

This image is a photogrpah of a Valle Crucis Landscape featuring Valle Crucis Industrial School in the background. The caption on the back reads, "This photo was taken, we believe, during the timeframe 1912-1916."

This image is a weathered scan of a postcard, picturing the Valle Crucis Industrial School from an aerial perspective.

This image is a photograph of the Valle Cruces Industrial School, taken from an aerial view. The spelling of the town's name would later change, and thus the school's name along with it.

This is a scan of page 8 from a newsletter titled "KidStuff," featuring a short article titled "Notes From Dedy's Attic" about Dedy Traver.
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