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This image shows three wooden cut-outs of shepherds and six wooden cut-outs of sheep. The figures decorate the lawn on the campus of Appalachian State.

This image shows a painted plywood cut-out of one of the three wisemen riding a camel. The figure is part of a Nativity scene set up on the grounds of the Watsuga County Hospital; now Founder's Hall on Appalachian State's campus.

This image shows a Nativity Scene set up outside of the Watauga County Hospital. Today, this building is Founders Hall on Appalachian State's Campus.

Color image of an aerial view of the Watauga County Hospital with the Boone golf course in the background. The back of a photograph has the stamp of Henry Dewolf and the handwritten inscription "Watauga County Hospital - with Boone Golf Course in…
Small black and white photograph of Cathy Barlow, Kim Bennett, and Lyn Kellner in OB Dept. at Watauga County Hospital.
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