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This item is an unused color tinted postcard of a river and mountains. The text indicates it to be Watauga River in Valle Crucis, NC. The postcard is made by Asheville Postcard Company out of Asheville, NC. Handwritten on the back is $3.00.

This image shows two young boys holding a string of fish between them in front of a vehicle. The deck of a building can be seen in the far right of the image, identified as the deck of May house near the Guy Ford on the Watauga River. The smaller…

This item appears to be a postcard of congregation at a river, probably in the Antioch community. The congregation stands on the edge of the river at the bottom of a hill beneath boulders and trees. The congregation is made of men, women, and…

A color slide showing a river, possibly the Watauga River or a fork of the New River, winding through a forest. Several large boulders line the banks of the river. The abundant green foliage indicates that the image was taken sometime in spring or…
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