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This image shows a brick house following snowfall, with a car parked in front of it. Two outbuildings are visible behind the house, and other homes can be seen further uphill. A road sign in the lower left of the image states "MAX FINE $50." A large…

This image shows large, bare trees covered in snow. Houses and a barn can be seen behind and below the trees, also covered in snow. A woman in a red coat can be seen in the lower left corner of the image.

This image shows a small flowering tree that stands in the middle of a grassy area. In the forefront of the image, a line of bushes can be seen. One of the bushes also appears to be flowering. The far left of the image holds a small white house with…

This image shows a tree with no leaves covered with snow. A small white house sits behind the tree, also covered in snow. The ground around the tree has undisturbed snow.

This image shows a dirt field with what look like tire tracks dusted with snow. A grassy field sits beyond it with a house visible even farther away. A large mountain can be seen beyond the house with snow-covered trees covering it.

This image shows a two-story house nestled in evergreen trees at the base of a mountain covered in snow at the top. Half of the mountain is bare. A field sits in the forefront of the image, dusted with snow.

The image shows a mountain covered in bright red and orange leaves, indicating it is possibly autumn. At the base of the mountain, four white houses can be seen amongst trees.

This image shows a hillside that appears to be part of a fenced pasture. Half of the hill is covered in trees, some of which have red leaves indicating it may be autumn. A house is partially visible behind a large tree in the bottom left of the…

This image shows the top of a house at the base of a mountain covered in trees. Some of the trees are red, yellow, and orange, indicating it is possibly autumn. The house appears to be white with a red shingled roof. The forefront of the image shows…

This image, which appears to have been taken from the side of a road, shows a hillside dotted with trees. A road can be seen going up the middle of the hill with fields on the left of it. A house is partially visible in the lower left of the image.

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