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This photo features a baby wearing a cap while lying in a stroller. Behind the baby there are multiple telephone poles visible along with several billboards posted to a fence and a large, Victorian house. The number "507" is stamped on the back.

A photograph of the Belle Winkler house. Snow covers the roof of the hours as well as the ground, trees, and fence that surround it.

This image shows a brick house, which appears to be the same as that in image 030. The angle of photograph is similar to that in image 030, but appears to show more of the front yard and driveway with a carport. In the driveway there are two cars,…

This image shows an older woman and man with two children standing in front of a brick house. The brick house appears to be the same as that in images 022 and 077. The children appear to be wearing snow pants, but there is not snow on the ground.…

A photograph of a brick church with a white cross on the roof. There is a small sign on the left side of the church that is illegible. On the right side of the church is a small house, separated from the church by bushes.

This image shows a field in the Fall season with brown corn stalks bundled together like teepees. Next to the field, there is a driveway leading up to a white house with a covered porch. A view of the mountains can be seen within the background.

A family gathers together outside of a large house or institutional building. The woman is wearing a dress and the man is wearing a suit and top hat. The three children are also wearing dresses. The house is extremely large and shows three balconies…

This image shows a group of people that appears to be the same as those in image 021. They are standing in front of a brick home with wrought iron posts. One woman appears to have a beehive hairstyle and two women are wearing cat-eye glasses.…

This image shows a group of four women and one man standing in a driveway in front of a two-story house. The older two women appear to be the same as those in image 064. There are three cars visible in the driveway. One car appears to be a Buick, and…

This image shows three women, at least four men, and a younger boy and girl standing on the front porch stairs of a home. The porch and stairs appear to be the same as those in images 088 and 091. A light leak has damaged part of the image. Only the…
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