Junaluska Heritage Collection


Junaluska Heritage Collection


Junaluska Heritage Association, Boone Mennonite Brethren Church, consolidated black school, Harrison-Boone-Grimes Family Home Collection.


Boone’s historically black community, Junaluska, has a unique and continuous history dating back to the mid-late 1800’s, with descendants of many of its original families still living in the neighborhood today. Although this community, located near downtown Boone, dates from the nineteenth century, some Boone and Watauga County residents remain unaware of its presence.

Junaluska was settled by an estimated fifteen original black families, with many descendants of those families still residing there. In earlier times, the Junaluska area was known simply as “The Hill” and “The Mountain.” The neighborhood, which shares a partial boundary with the Watauga County Public Library, was home to 103 people in the year 1900.

In the early twentieth century, the population grew with the influx of black residents from elsewhere in the county. They were attracted to the consolidated black school established in Junaluska by the county. In its heyday, the neighborhood had its own businesses, churches, social gathering places and school–quite literally, a “village within a village.”

The Junaluska Heritage Collection consists of photographs spanning the late nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries. The collection contains images of many descendants of the original families who settled in the Junaluska community in the mid to late 1800s, as well as an image of the historical consolidated black school and school children. Included in this collection are digital images of 166 photographs that were found behind the chimney in a home of one of the original family of Junaluska, the images are part of the Harrison-Boone-Grimes Family Home Collection and are noted that way on this website.

(Source: https://junaluskaheritage.wordpress.com/)

Collection Items

Annie Bell and Fred Grimes
An image of Annie Bell and Fred Grimes.

Charles Paul Grimes
Image of Charles Paul Greene.

Rosa and Boone Grimes
An image of Rosa and Harrison "Boone" Grimes.

Clint Grimes
An image of Reverend Clint Grimes in blue suit and white shirt.

Gus Grimes
An image of an unidentified man standing by car in summer.

Two Women and a Man
Image of two unidentified women and one unidentified man.

The Dignity of a Race
Image of the "Dignity of a Race" march.

Small Boy and Girl
Image of an unidentified small boy and girl.

Young Boy
Image of an unidentified young boy.

Mathis and Folk
Image of Robert Mathis and Dana and Jessie Folk.
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Digital Watauga

"I will be happy to help identify the people in the photos of Junaluska"

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Digital Watauga

"We would very much appreciate your help! If you'd like to post the names of people in the comments of the images that would be great! Thank you!"

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