W. W. Mast Family Collection


W. W. Mast Family Collection


This collection contains numerous resources associated with the W. W. Mast family of Valle Crucis, NC.

William Wellington Mast, son of Noah Tarleton Mast and Lucinda Adams Mast, was born on April 21, 1876 in Sugar Grove, NC. He began working as a clerk for his uncle in a store on Cove Creek at age 18. In 1897 he went to Valle Crucis and worked for C. D. Taylor in the store there. He bought half interest in 1901 and then in 1913 bought the other half. He was an astute businessman and also was involved in banking, stock raising, and farming. He passed the management of the store to his son-in-law, Richard Olsen, in 1940. Later, it came back to W. W. Mast’s son, Howard Mast, and stayed in the family until the 1970s, when it was sold to John and Faye Cooper.

W. W. Mast and his wife Sarah Emeline had four children: Howard W. Mast, Lucy Mast Olsen, Phil Hale Mast, and William Thomas Mast.

Series 1 consists of various correspondence and related ephemera between Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Mast and family members, primarily Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mast of Wayne, MI. William T. Mast was the father of Diana Mast White, the donor of this collection.


Diana Mast White


Diana Mast White has shared these items with Digital Watauga through a digital use rights deed of gift. Any reprinting, redistribution, or other use of these images outside of Digital Watauga requires written permission from Diana Mast White. Contact Digital Watauga for additional details.

Collection Items

Graduating Exercises Program, Appalachian State Normal High School, May 6, 1927
This program from the graduation exercises of the High School Department fo the Appalachian State Normal School on May 6, 1927 included a welcome address from William Mast. The general order of events, along with the names of class members, are…

Letter from W. W. Mast to Diana Mast, September 30, 1954
This letter from W. W. Mast at Valle Crucis, NC, to Diana Mast at Wayne, MI, was postmarked September 30, 1954, and contains a note indicating that W. W. Mast had sold Diana's cow and calf for $110, along with his rationale for doing so. Mast…

Resolution Honoring W. W. Mast, Newspaper Clipping, 1959
Undated newspaper clipping from the Watauga Democrat contains an article entitled "Resolutions Honor Memory W. W. Mast." The body of the article includes the full text of a resolution passed by the board of directors of the Northwestern Bank in W. W.…

Church Bulletin, Service Honoring W. W. Mast
This undated church bulletin for the Valle Crucis Methodist Church appears to be a standard service (not a funeral service) that was dedicated to the memory of W. W. Mast, who died on September 18, 1959. A brief biography of Mast is printed in the…

Letter to Editor from W. W. Mast in Winter Beach, Florida, Watauga Democrat Clipping, February 10, 1955
This clipping from the February 10, 1955, issue of the Watauga Democrat contains a letter to the editor from W. W. Mast written from Winter Beach, FL. The letter explains the background of the colony started in 1950 by A. C. Mast and others.

Mrs. W. W. Mast to Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Mast, June 19, 1949
Letter dated June 19, 1949, from Mrs. W. W. Mast at Valle Crucis, NC, to Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Mast at Wayne, MI, postmarked June 20, 1949, begins with thanks for Father's Day cards, then transitions to general family news. Mention is then made of the…

Letter to Editor from W. W. Mast in Florida, Watauga Democrat Clipping, March 8, 1956
In this torn clipping from the March 8, 1956, issue of the Watauga Democrat, W. W. Mast writes to the editor about news of "Watauga Colony" residents--transplants from Watauga County in Florida. The article contains a lengthy list of notable…

Mrs. W. W. Mast to Mr. William T. Mast, March 19, 1949
Letter from Mrs. W. W. Mast at Valle Crucis, NC, to Mr. William T. Mast in Wayne, MI, dated March 19, 1949, and postmarked March 22, 1949, begins with a reference to Ben Baird and his little kitty being put out into the cold. Mrs. Mast then…

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Mast to Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mast, November 20, 1955
This correspondence dated November 20, 1955, and postmarked November 21, 1955, from Valle Crucis, NC, consists of two separate notes--one by W. W. Mast, the other by Mrs. W. W. Mast--to Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mast. The note from Mrs. Mast reports…

Mrs. W. W. Mast to William T. Mast and Family, Undated
Written on a notecard from White & Wyckoff featuring "Florals of Williamsburg," this letter from Mrs. W. W. Mast to William T. Mast and family ("Dears") begins with hopes that William T. Mast had attended the Chicago Rotary Convention. She then adds…
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