Watauga County Agricultural Extension Photo and Slide Collection


Watauga County Agricultural Extension Photo and Slide Collection


This collection was provided to Digital Watauga from the Watauga County Agricultural Extension. It consists of approximately 1,300 color slides, 44 glass slides, and approximately 250 photographic prints.

Series 03 contains 78 color slides dating to 1977. The images show the damage caused by the 1977 flood in Watauga County, NC. This series features images of Howards Creek, Gap Creek, Brushy Fork Creek, and Beaverdam Creek.

Series 04 contains 325 color slides dating from 1942 to 1972. The slides feature looks at various agricultural aspects of the High Country. Things of notable mention within the series includes images of tobacco and corn fields, Progress Day 1959, various farm families, N.C. State agricultural testing, and a slideshow of farm insects and pests.




Watauga County Agricultural Extension


The Watauga County Agricultural Extension has extended use rights to the Digital Watauga Project through a use rights Deed of Gift and retains all other rights to these images. Any reprinting, redistribution, or other use of these images requires written permission from the Watauga County Agricultural Extension. Contact Digital Watauga for additional details.

Collection Items

Lillian H. Danner 1973
This image shows Lillian H. Danner in 1973 receiving the National Distinguished Service Award. She was the Home Economics Extension Agent from 1958 to 1989. Danner stands in the middle of the image in a blue dress next to a table with a floral…

Whitney Danhof 1995
This image shows Whitney Danhof (center) who was the Associate Home Economics Extension Agent from 1990-1996. She is seated at a table with a few older women in winter time, based on the Christmas themed outfits. This image was in the bottom left of…

Economics Agents and Assistants
This image shows a document titles "Watauga County Home Economics Agents and Assistants." This is along the top of the matte board. The names listed also offer the dates in which these women were agents and assistants, some names can be seen more…

Overview of Matte Board #4
This image shows a document listing Economic Agents and Assistants in Watauga County from 1936-1996. There are two images in the bottom of the matte board that feature some of these women. More information about the Home Demonstration Club and the…

Overview of Matte Board #3
This image shows a document titled "A Collect for Club Women" that features a poem for a club in Watauga County.

Learning to Sew
This image shows young women engaged in some kind of craft, there are spools of thread on the table to the right. The young woman on the left of the image seems to be asking a neighbor for help as a young woman on the other side of the table from the…

Lunch Time
This image shows a few women sitting in a kitchen having a meal. There is a refrigerator in the background along with a table featuring a cloth with snowmen on it. There is a TV tray set up for the convenience of some sitting and eating along the…

Club Women of America
This image shows a piece of paper that features handwriting from a meeting of some sort. There are some programming notes and collection notes within the information on the paper. Most of this document is obscured by other pieces in the collage.

Patterns Topic of Home Clubs
This image shows a newspaper clipping about a meeting about patterns held in Boone in February of an unknown year. There are portions of the article that is obscured due to other articles in the collage. There were no individuals named in the visible…

Willow Valley Club Meeting
This image shows a newspaper clip about the Willow Valley Club Meeting that has a penciled date of 1962. Individuals mentioned by name are Mrs. Spencer Cable, Mrs. Fred Greene, Mrs. L. Ward, Mrs. E. Y. Edminston and Mrs. Fred Harmon. Portions of this…
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