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This image shows a woman wearing a long dress and a small, bowler-shaped hat with a feather on the front of it. She is standing on top of a mound of dirt, and there is an unfocused building behind her with several window openings visible. The…


This photo features a woman standing just behind a small-trunked tree. She is slightly out of focus. Behind her there is an old automobile enshrouded by a tree and a building with a white roof. A stamp on the back appears to indicate the image was…

This image shows three people hauling rocks using carrying poles. They are in front of a few crumbling houses and a dilapidated wall. The rooflines in the distance suggest that this may be a scene from an Asian country.

This photo shows a man sitting on a horse in the middle of a stream, apparently at the spot where a road fords the stream. A thicket of trees and bushes is behind the man and horse. The water is up to the horse's knees.

This image features a man standing on a rock in the middle of a stream. The stream is in the midst of a forest. The man is wearing a sports coat, trousers, and a cap.

This photo shows an old mossy arch with some old stone ruins visible through it. There is a cobblestone path leading under the arch and serving as a road. A sign posted to the left side of the doorway is illegible.

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This portrait shows a man and a woman in front of a white, two-story house. The man is wearing a black suit and top hat, and the woman is wearing a black dress. The house features elaborately turned spindles in its trim. Processed by the Fox Company…

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This portrait shows a baby beaming happily as he poses for the camera. The baby is sitting on something and holding one of his feet. A note in ink on the rear reads, "This is Joseph at 5 mos. Made on Thanksgiving Day."

This image features a baby sitting on several cushions, apparently outdoors. The baby is wearing long white clothing, and there are several plants in the background.

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This portrait features what is presumably a family of eight. A man who closely resembles the man seen in Jam-Mas-1-155, is sitting to the left with a child on his lap, and a woman is sitting to the right. There are five other children in between…
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