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Will Wilson poses for a portrait beside a river with a nearby waterfall leading into the stream. He wears a suit with pant legs rolled up, as well as a fedora. A caption on the back of the image reads simply, "Will Wilson."

This image shows Point Lookout as seen from Lookout Mountain circa 1915. Below the rock formation of Point Lookout is the Tenessee River with several expanses of fields to the right. A caption on the back of the image reads, "Point Lookout on Lookout…

More than a dozen members of the Horton family line up for a portrait in front of "Grandpa Horton's" house on June 15, 1946. There are two cars visible--one to the right and one to the left. A caption on the back reads, "No 2, 6-15-46."

This image shows the surf at Isle of Palms, South Carolina, on May 30, 1914. A low wave appears to be about to crash on the shore. A caption on the back of the image reads, "Isle of Palms, May 30, 1914."

This image shows Robert E. Lee Hall (today known as Eureka Hall) at the Blue Ridge Assembly, the conference center of the YMCA in Black Mountain, NC, as it appeared in June 1914. The building was built in 1911-12. A caption on the back of the image…

This image shows a large portion of Bancroft Hall in plain view with a large lawn spanning a third of the picture. There are several small buildings in the foreground on the lawn. A caption on the rear of the image reads, "Bancroft Hall."

This image shows the Coliseum ruins in Rome, Italy. It is rainy in the picture with passersby wearing raincoats or carrying umbrellas. A large truck is visible at left on the street.

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This image shows obelisks and a temple shrine at Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina, on May 27, 1914. In the foreground is a family plot marker that reads "Allen." There are several larger memorial shrines in the back with flowers…

This image shows Williams Island, a small island in the middle of the Tennessee River near Chattanooga, Tennessee. There are fields on the center of the island and trees on the outer edges. There is a large forest to the right of the island and…

This image shows the lake at Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC, as it appeared on May 27, 1914. A caption on the back of the image reads, "Lake in Cemetery, may 27 '14. Nell I." It's not clear what the last portion of the caption refers to.
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