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This image, taken from the road, shows a hillside planted with Christmas trees. In the background are trees bearing colorful autumn leaves.

This image shows a creek or a river passing through the Taylor and Cook Farm in Valle Crucis. The tree line in the background displays autumn colors. The slide mount is stamped OCT 82.

In this image, plowed cropland and an empty pasture abutts a colorful autumn forest. The slide mount is dated Oct 84.

A group of a dozen or so people are either sitting or standing around in a field in the mountains. The trees along the mountainside display their autumn colors. The slide mount is dated NOV 90.

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This image shows a dense plantation of maturing Chistmas trees in early Autumn. The slide mount is dated OCT 87.

Yields of trellis tomatoes with browning leaves and unripe fruit are growing along rows of twine in a field. In the background, trees are beginning to show the colors of autumn.

First Presbyterian Church on Howard Street in Boone, North Carolina with a tree displaying autumn foliage. The congregation has since moved to a new location and the building now houses Appalachian State University's Howard Street Building. An…
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