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This framed set of two documents includes a US Internal Revenue Tax Stamp in the amount of $3.00 to the Boone Drug Company as a retail dealer in opium, coca leaves, etc. The stamp is dated to expire on June 30, 1936. The second document is a…

This image shows a woman sitting at a desk while talking on the phone that she's holding in her lap. The woman's desk has a telephone directory tucked into the side of it with numbers for Boone Drug, Jay's Cabs, and an ambulance on the cover. A…

This image shows a man in a smock holding a roll of tape, standing in what is presumably a pharmacy. Shelves of what look like small medicinal bottles cover the walls behind the man. A counter with receipts is visible in the bottom right of the…

This image shows a female store clerk standing behind a display of small toys such as a rabbit and music box. There are also boxes of candy like Coconut Niblets. Small figurines are visible in the lower right of the image. Racks of magazines are…

This image shows a female drug store employee helping a customer with their purchases. Shelves behind the employee hold several products such as Goody's, Vicks, and Mistol. This has been identified as Ethel Teams at Boone Drug Company on King Street.

This image shows a pharmacist behind a counter measuring a dark liquid into a small glass bottle. A few other medicine containers sit on the counter in front of another pharmacist who is visible in the far left of the image. Shelves visible in the…

This image shows a man wearing glasses in a buttoned-up smock standing behind a display containing Aspirin. Displays for glasses, pens, and sunglasses can be seen behind the man. The man has been identified as Dr. George K. Moose at Boone Drug.

This image shows a woman sitting behind a desk covered in papers and money working at a receipt maker. The shelves behind the woman are covered in vials and small boxes, potentially different medicines. A Boone Community Birthday Calendar in the…

Small black and white photograph of downtown Boone, featuring Boone Drug Co. and Our Daily Bread.

Bra-Law-01-001 combined-compressed.pdf
This item is a history of Watauga County from 1849-1949 and Appalachian State Teachers College (now Appalachian State University) from 1899-1949. This history was written by Daniel J. Whitener, the head of the Department of Social Studies at…
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