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This image shows a mountain valley, identified as Shulls Mill Valley in Watauga County, NC. Trees cover the mountain peaks but the valley itself is mostly bare. A hillside can be seen dotted with what appears to be small trees. A low building can be…

This item is a black and white photograph of a young girl laying in the grass next to a field. Corn appears to be growing in the field. What is possibly a garden is directly behind her. This item is part of the Harrison-Boone-Grimes Family Home…

This item found on page 66 in the scrapbook is a black and white portrait of farmland. There is a wooden fence separating two areas, one appears to have corn growing. Mountains are visible in the background. The left of the image appears to have been…

This item is a color slide showing a hill, with corn visible in the foreground. A handwritten notation identifies it as being on the property of Lawrence Henson.

This image shows children playing in an outdoor sandbox together. They are sitting inside of a wooden sandbox, underneath large trees. Near the sandbox a metal frame swing set can be seen. A wooden fence surrounds the perimeter of the yard. Beyond…

This image shows a woman in a dress, identified as Mattie Alice Hodges, standing amongst tall, flowering tobacco plants. Handwritten on the top of the image is: "This is the Old Farm hand. Made in August 1958."

This image shows a young man, identified as Harold B. Barnes, posing outside in a suit in front of low shrubbery. Two cars can be seen parked in the shade behind Harold. What appears to be tobacco plants can be seen in the distance. This image was…

This image shows a young boy, identified as Homer M. Barnes, standing in his relative's tobacco field. He is wearing a wide-brimmed hat as he stands amongst the crop. A large hill can be seen in the background.

This slide is stamped "Oct 60." This image shows a group of men standing on the edge of a large corn field. The man closest to the camera has a cane. Most of the men are wearing hats and dress pants. They all appear to be listening to a man wearing a…

This image shows a landscape view of what appears to be a farm house in the mountains. Fields of corn and tobacco can be seen surrounding the house, with pasture to the right of the house and fields. There are a pile of hay bales in the center. Image…
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