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This image shows Whitney Danhof (center) who was the Associate Home Economics Extension Agent from 1990-1996. She is seated at a table with a few older women in winter time, based on the Christmas themed outfits. This image was in the bottom left of…

This image shows a few women sitting in a kitchen having a meal. There is a refrigerator in the background along with a table featuring a cloth with snowmen on it. There is a TV tray set up for the convenience of some sitting and eating along the…

Small black and white photograph of a group of people have a fried chicken dinner.

This image is a photograph of a couple, unidentified, at a dinner, possibly a family reunion. There are additional people visible behind them. The woman has glasses and is wearing a long necklace. This image appears on the right in the bottom row on…

This item is a black and white photograph of a group of people gathered around the dinner table. According to the caption, shown from left to right are Jeannette, Mildred Garrison, Grandmother, Marie, Bobby Dean, Albert, and David. The date Nov 60 is…

Reel #18 of the home movies in the Palmer Blair Collection begins with a survey of opened Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree. Footage then transitions to Palmer Blair, Jr., playing with some of his new toys, including a new bicycle. Palmer,…

Black and white image of a man and woman seated together and talking at a table with a candle.


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