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This image shows a female store clerk standing below a staircase looking through a New York Pattern Co. magazine. Behind the woman, visible in the upper portion of the image, are racks of dresses and coats with tags on them.

This image shows a man in a suit sitting in a chair in front of a shoe rack that has shoes thrown all over it and the floor beneath it. The letters GRR are stitched on the man's shirt. Pants are thrown over the rack and a coat is hanging off the end.…

This image shows a female store clerk adjusting a female customer's clothes as she tries them on. Behind the women, in the left of the image, a rack of dresses with price tags can be seen. The upper right of the image has what appears to be a rack of…

This image shows a store clerk next to a dressing room observing women as they try on dresses in front of a mirror. A LIFE poster is pinned to the wall of the dressing room along with a calendar.

This image shows a woman in a clothing shop holding up an apron on a rack in front of other clothing items like dresses and skirts for sale. A sign on the back wall states that this establishment also sells children's dresses. This woman has been…

This image shows a woman in a dress and neck scarf lounging in a front window display of a shop. There is a small plant beside her and another on a stool. Through the window, a truck and car can be seen parked on the street.

This image shows a woman leaning on fabric bolts of various designs. In the background racks of dresses can be seen. This has been identified as Aretta Ruth Cook Critcher, a fabric department clerk at Belk Department Store on King Street.

This image shows a woman trying on hats in the mirror at a clothing shop. She is holding two different hats in her hands. In front of her are various hats and purses for purchase. Beside her is a trench coat hanging up. There are various other…

Small black and white photograph of unidentified women in gowns.

Addie Isaacs poses for a portrait. She is wearing a long dress and leaning against a wicker rocking chair. She is standing in front of a painted backdrop. Her name is written in ink at the bottom of the mount. Indentations on the back of the mount…
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