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This item is a black and white photograph of a farmhouse, likely near Valle Crucis, NC. This image appears on page 45 of the W. W. Mast Family "Mast Store & V. C." Scrapbook.

This image shows ten people gathered for a photograph, including Emma Baird Mast and W. W. Mast seated at the front right. The photograph appears to date to circa 1940-1950. The pink post-it note on the back of the image possibly identifies those…

A large tobacco field sits adjacent to a farmhouse. The slide mount is dated AUG 70.

A small farmhouse stands at the side of a dirt road. To either side of the road are crop fields. A farm truck is parked by the house, in front of the shed. A single electric pole stands by the foreground field. There is a transformer fitted to the…
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