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This item is a page from a scrapbook created by Johnny P. Greene, Sr. while deployed to China-India-Burma Theater during World War II. The page appears to be notebook paper and six photographs are taped on it. The image in the upper left shows the…

This image shows a roll of film with two photographs visible. The image on the left shows a military truck parked on the side of a street with people crowded around it. Buildings sit on both sides of the street. The image on the right shows a soldier…

This image shows a roll of film with two photographs visible. Both images show slightly different scenes of a street in Kunming, China. People stand on the sidewalk in front of buildings. Cars are visible in the street. A dog can be seen walking…

This image shows a tower in Kunming, China, from below. The tower has tiered, sweeping roofs. Powerlines can be seen cutting across the sky.

This image shows a roll of film with two pictures visible. The image of the left shows a cave in Kunming while the image on the right shows the canal.

This image shows a canal in Kunming, China, with long boards in the water. The other side of the canal shows a stone structure with men standing in front of it. A canal boat sits on the shore in front of the men.

This image shows an office and a non-commissioned officer (N.C.O.) posing together outside next to a vehicle. This image was taken at Kunming Airfield in China.

This image shows the interior of a temple in Kunming, China. Glass bulbs hang from the ceiling in circle formations. The walls appear to be made out of marble. Chinese lettering can be seen on the back wall.

This image shows a group of soldiers in a sampan, or canal boat, floating down a canal. A tree-covered shore can be seen behind them, as well has a structure with sweeping roofs. This image was taken in Kunming, China.

This image shows a group of soldiers playing a game of basketball at the Kunming Airfield in China.
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