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This image shows a family inside of a boat, out on a lake. Along side of the boat, the name "Lone Star" can be seen. Most of the family members are wearing life jackets. Many of them are wearing glasses or sunglasses.

This image shows a grassy area and a lake. A row of trees lines the edge of the water. A brick retaining wall spans the perimeter of the land.

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This image shows three adults standing side by side in a row on a grassy embankment, across from a lake. Across the lake, large trees line the perimeter of the water on the other side. A man is standing in the middle of two ladies, who are both…

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This image shows an embankment that adjoins a lake, looking across at the water, a wooden dock, and trees.

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This image shows a young woman sitting on a wooden post positioned above the top of a small wooden dock. She is wearing a patterned two piece swimsuit, and she is barefoot. Her right leg is crossed in behind her left, and she is holding her hands in…

This image shows a man wearing a collared striped button-up dress shirt with a tie sitting outside on top of the lowest rise of a stone wall. His left leg is crossed over his right, he is holding a small child in his lap. He is wearing simple metal…

This image shows a man wearing a collared striped button-up dress shirt with a tie sitting outside against the edge of a stone wall. His left leg is propped up on the lowest level of the wall where he is sitting, he has his fingers intertwined over…

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This item is a black and white photograph of a lake. There is a group of young adults to the right that appear to be in a wooden boat. The lake is surrounded by trees. It is reported that this is possibly in Ashe or Watauga County, North Carolina…

This image shows three soldiers, one on a fence and the others in front of him, appearing to pretend-fight. One of the soldiers is looking at the camera while smoking. A lake and boat are visible in the background.
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