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This image shows young women engaged in some kind of craft, there are spools of thread on the table to the right. The young woman on the left of the image seems to be asking a neighbor for help as a young woman on the other side of the table from the…

This image shows a few women sitting in a kitchen having a meal. There is a refrigerator in the background along with a table featuring a cloth with snowmen on it. There is a TV tray set up for the convenience of some sitting and eating along the…

This image shows a newspaper clipping about a meeting about patterns held in Boone in February of an unknown year. There are portions of the article that is obscured due to other articles in the collage. There were no individuals named in the visible…

This image shows a newspaper clip about the Willow Valley Club Meeting that has a penciled date of 1962. Individuals mentioned by name are Mrs. Spencer Cable, Mrs. Fred Greene, Mrs. L. Ward, Mrs. E. Y. Edminston and Mrs. Fred Harmon. Portions of this…

This image shows a clipped article from a newspaper about a meeting in Laxton by the Home Demonstration Club, hosted by Ora Brown. Others mentioned in the articles are Mrs. Mack Brown, Mrs. Sara Belle Stanberry, Mrs. B.A. Hodges, and Mrs. Ala Greene.…

This is the same image as seen in 05-028. This image shows Ruby Weston looking over documents with a group of men. The papers in their hands have a large 400 printed on the cover. All the men are wearing suits. A man to the right of the image looks…

Black and white photograph of a meeting in Deep Gap.

Black and and white photograph of a group of citizens at a N.C. 105 meeting.

This item is a black and white photograph of a teachers meeting. Tina Blackburn has been identified as being at the far left, in the front row. Lera Randall has been identified as being in the front row, second from the left. Judy Hayes Greene has…

This image shows members of the B.P.W. Club seated at a long table during a meal. The original envelope was labeled "B.P.W. Club meeting, 10-8-55" and had been filed under "Clubs."
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