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This image shows a man in sunglasses sitting behind the steering wheel of a car with "John's Cabs" written on it.

This image shows a man wearing glasses in a buttoned-up smock standing behind a display containing Aspirin. Displays for glasses, pens, and sunglasses can be seen behind the man. The man has been identified as Dr. George K. Moose at Boone Drug.

This item is a black and white photograph of five unidentified people socializing in the sun, possibly at Appalachian State University. Three members of the group are in swimwear, lying on a large blanket. The other two individuals are sitting while…

Black and white photograph of a woman helping male customer try on sunglasses.

This item is a color photograph of a man in a suit standing in a grassy field in front of a wooden chapel building. The man is holding a book in his hands and wearing sunglasses. The chapel has a bell tower and appears to one-story. The man is…

This image shows a man standing, with his head out of shot, at the end of a truck with two large fish. The man wears blue slacks and a bolo tie. Another truck and car can be seen behind the man that appear to be the same as those seen in item 075.…

This image shows a man in slacks holding two large fish. He crouches next to a black truck. He appears to be wearing a bolo tie, sunglasses, and a watch. A paved drive can be seen in the background. Upper middle photograph found on Page 15 of the…

This image shows an older man standing outside holding two large fish. He wears sunglasses and slacks. A paved drive with two parked cars can be seen behind him. There is possibly a red cooler just out of the frame at the bottom left. Top left…

This image shows an older man holding up two large fish outside. He wears slacks and sunglasses. A paved drive and stone retaining wall can be seen in the background. Hydrangea bushes can be seen in the background. Left photograph found on Page 11 of…

This image shows a family inside of a boat, out on a lake. Along side of the boat, the name "Lone Star" can be seen. Most of the family members are wearing life jackets. Many of them are wearing glasses or sunglasses.
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