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Item Pal-Bla-3-556.jpg Grace Hospital School of Nursing Graduation
Item Pal-Bla-3-557.jpg Grace Hospital School of Nursing Graduation
Item Pal-Bla-3-786.jpg Camp Yonahlossee Nurses' Office
Item His-Boo-04-204.jpg Cathy Barlow, Kim Bennett, and Lyn Kellner Working in OB Dept. at WCH
Item Ric-Bdr-07-201-a.jpg Women in Nursing Uniforms
Item Bob-Bre-02-044-a.jpg Watauga Hospital and Nurses Home Postcard
Item Bet-Col-05-026.jpg Nurses Aid Dorothy V. Farthing
Item Bet-Col-01-093.jpg Nurse's Aide at Watauga Hospital
Item Jam-Mas-01-513.jpg Portrait of a Young Woman
Item Wat-His-1-25 Watauga_County_Times_Past_Issue_27.pdf Watauga County Times Past, Issue 27, June 1992