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Image shows a scene looking west on King Street in downtown Boone, NC, about 1956 after a heavy snowfall. There are cars parked in front of parking meters along the street. There are signs for businesses that read: City Meat Market and Grocery,…

Image shows a man shoveling snow on the side of Howard Street in this photo taken looking west. Visible in the distance on the left are the Goodnight Brothers buildings, while the Winkler Ford building (now ECRS) is visible at right. There are cars…

Image shows seven women in a cabin at Camp Yonahlossee. There are bunkbeds in the room. Names are written on the ceiling. There appear to be windows along the top of the wall.

Image shows two women standing and either raising or lowering the United States Flag. The women are standing in front of a stone building. There are trees in the background. It appears to be either spring or summer as the women are wearing capri…

Image shows a group of students playing in the snow in front of a three-story building. One of the persons has a sweater or jacket on with the letter "A" on the right, suggesting he is a student at either Appalachian High School or Appalachian State…

Image shows a house on a street after a heavy snowfall. There is a car in front of the house. There is a tall tree on each side of the house. It appears that there are bright lights on behind the house. A brick wall is in front of the house by the…

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Image shows Tater Hill Lake. In the foreground, on the shore of the lake, are bushes and evergreen trees. There are three boats on the lake, while a large crowd of onlookers gathers on the shore. This may be an image from the recovery of two boys who…

Image shows a winter scene of a parking lot with a snow covered car. There are four women in the image. There are other vehicles in the back of the image. There are tall, snow-covered fir trees along the parking lot.

Image shows parked cars and trucks and people along King Street in Boone, NC. To the right of the image is a hill covered in snow and the Jones House. There is a stone wall at the bottom of the hill. To the left of the hill is a brick building, now…

Image shows a moving river in winter. The plants on both sides of the river bank have snow on them. The sun is reflected in the river. The image is printed on heavy paper with scalloped edges.

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