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Von Hagaman delivering mail on Howard Street, Boone, North Carolina, probably about 1960. He wheels a mail hand truck and wears a postal service uniform. Parked cars and several buildings can be seen further down Howard Street.

The specifications for the experimental wind turbine at Howard's Knob including information about the turbine's rotor, blade, tower, transmission, generator, orientation drive, control system, performance, and weight

A photo of an experimental wind turbine built on Howard's Knob in Boone, NC. The photo shows the turbine towering amongst the mountains that surround Boone, and parts of the town can be seen in the background.

A large group photo of seventeen women, all contestants for Queen of the Centennial. Sitting left to right: Barbara James, Shirley May Swift (Mack), Virginia Moody, Billie Badget (Parker), Rebbecca Shoemake, Joan Aldridge; Standing: Anniel May…

An aerial shot of Boone, North Carolina, taken from the southwest in the 1980s, showing many mountains in the distance and many buildings below in the town. Image is a digital print from the original image.

A clipping from an unidentified newpaper depicting the historic Daniel Boone Monument that was once located on the Appalachian State University campus. According to the paper, the monument commemorated the site of an old pioneers cabin that Daniel…

A clipping from the (Charlotte?) Observer newspaper depicting Mickey McGuire posing with Mayor of Boone, Gordon Winkler, while touching his beard. The text indicates that Mickey is the Queen of the Centennial and that Mayor Winkler grew the beard to…

A blank postcard printed by Color King. The text reads "BG-62; LOOKING WEST ON KING STREET - BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA.; Photographed in Natural Color by Jack Bowers. Color-King Natural Color Card, W. M. Cline Co., Chattanooga, Tennesee." The card also…

A postcard picture of King Street in Boone, NC. Many cars can be seen either parked or driving along the street. People can be seen walking down the sidewalk and multiple shops including Gateway Restaurant, Bill's Shoe Store, and Keplar's Soda Shop…

A blank postcard printed by Color King. The text reads "BG-70; LOOKING EAST ON KING STREET AS THE WAGON MASTER LEADS THE OLD COVERED WAGON TRAIN INTO BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA; After it had covered the same trail and traveled under the same conditions as…