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This image shows a parking lot next to a government building. There are several people standing around the cars and having a conversation. The building in the back seems to be the National Soil Conservation Service Office in Washington DC. There is a…

This image shows the landscape of Washington DC. The capitol building is visible in the background next to a long stretch of road. There are a few other buildings that are connected by bridges which cross the street. Many cars are parked in a lot…

This image shows three people standing on a road next to the Boone post office. One of them is holding two manila folders and another is holding a camera. There is a flag next to the post office. King Street is visible in the background. Printed on…

This item is a photograph of Rufus Edmisten posing for a photograph. There is a soldier in a formal uniform holding a North Carolina flag next to Edmisten. The flag seems to be meant as a background for a much closer photograph. This is the only item…

This item is a photograph of Jane and Rufus Edmisten standing next to Sam Ervin Jr. This photograph seems to have been taken on a stage as evidenced by the curtains in the background. There is also a United States of America flag on a pole in the…

This image shows a U-shaped building that looks like offices or living quarters. There is an American flag at full mast on a pole at the center of the U. There are a few cars parked to the right side of the building. There are people walking around…

This photo shows the top of a boat, with, a sign that reads Chesapeake. This is because it is either the name of the boat or because it is a ferry on Chesapeake Bay. An American flag flies on a flagpole on the roof of the boat. This image is Photo…

This photo shows a tall white clock tower. There is an English flag flying from the flagpole at the top. The time appears to be 10:05 a.m. This image is Photo Eight of Book Three of the Williamsburg and Jamestown Trip.

In this photo, a woman is waving a flag that appears to be the American flag, in front of a large door. To her left, a man or boy is seen with his left hand in his pockets. This image is Photo Six of Book Two of the Williamsburg and Jamestown Trip.

In this photo, a picture is taken of a large walkway with flags hanging from its roof on flagpoles. Two large pine trees are seen in the middle of the image. This image is Photo Twenty-Two of Book One of the Williamsburg and Jamestown Trip.
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