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This color image shows a street scene with Rich Mountain in the background and was probably taken in winter or early spring. In the foreground are several cars parked on each side of the road. Buildings are visible in the background to the left. On…

This color slide shows a policeman directing traffic during the Wagon Train through King Street at the intersection with Appalachian Street in Boone. A former used car lot, located where Wild Harvest was most recently located, is visible in the…

This color slide shows the northeast corner of Howard Street and Appalachian Street. Appalachian State University's Peacock Hall is visible on the right. As of 2019, the building on the left is the Baptist Student Center.

This color slide shows a northwest-facing view of King Street from the intersection with Appalachian Street. Pictured are the Daniel Boone Condominiums.

This color slide shows a southwest-facing view of buildings on the south side of King Street, including the intersection with Appalachian Street. Visible are the Appalachian Theater and Macado's Restaurant.

This color slide shows an Appalachian State University banner on a lightpole at the southwest corner of King Street and Appalachian Street. King Street businesses Carolina Business Machines, Appalachian Tees, and Macado's Restaurant can be seen on…

Scene shows King Street, looking west from near Appalachian Street. A sign for the Boone Auto Exchange sits adjacent to the Jones & Brown Grocers, original home to Smithey's. The lawn of the Daniel Boone Hotel is visible beyond Jones & Brown. The…

This snapshot shows a mailbox for the Paul Weston Studio on Appalachian Street following a heavy snow. Buildings of the campus of Appalachian State Teachers College can be seen in the distance.

This snapshot offers a rare view of Appalachian Street as it appeared in the late 1960s. At center is the building housing the Paul Weston Studio and the Daniel Boone Shoe Shop, with Ivy Hall--also known as the Dr. Perry Building--located just to the…

This snapshot taken inside the Paul Weston Studio on Appalachian Street reveals a glimpse of two wedding portraits with a view of the area near the intersection of Appalachian Street and King Street beyond. A one-story building and the Bingham house,…
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