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This image shows a man, likely Dudley Farthing Greene, sitting with four children playing with some puppies. The man sits with a tie on while the children seem to be in overalls, dresses, and t-shirts. There is a fence seen in the background.

This image shows a woman, likely Dorothy Farthing Greene, standing with a small dog in her arms. She is looking at the small dog as it looks towards her. She wears a simple light dress and a pair of flat shoes. She appears to be standing in a yard. A…

This image shows a group of women sitting in a field with a dog to the far right of the image. On the left of the image there is an older woman, likely Hattie Greer Greene, in a dark floral dress and glasses resting a hat in her lap. Behind her there…

In this blurry photo, a man and woman sit on the porch of a house. The woman is looking towards the man, while the man looks out into the distance or at the camera. A small dog is standing behind the man.

In this photo, a woman and a small boy stand in the yard of a house. The boy is on the right and is holding a toy gun, while the woman is on the left and is holding a small dog in her left hand. A large field that turns to forested hillsides is in…

In this photo, a tiny Chihuahua is shown standing in the grass. The dog is looking at the camera as the picture is taken. "Palmer' Photo Service Boone, NC" is written on the back of the image.

In this photo, three men and a dog sit in a yard on lawn chairs and a bench. While two men eat food from plates, another drinks out of a blue solo cup. The dog is on the right side of the photo. A picnic table can be seen in the background.

This photo shows a woman sitting on the top step of a small porch in front of a house. To the left of her, a dog sits on the porch, too. Three trash cans are piled next to the porch on the right side of the image. On the ground in front of the woman…

This photo is of Maude and Raleigh Farthing, with a dog sitting between them. Maude and Raleigh are sitting on the ground, and neither seems to be looking at the camera. On the back of the image is written, "Maude and Raleigh and their dog, Maude,…

In this photo, two children, a girl and a boy, can be seen sitting on some steps in a yard outside a house. While the boy is looking at the camera and smiling, the girl is looking down and petting a dog lying between the two children. Another dog is…
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