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This image shows a young girl standing in a yard. She has blonde hair and wears a short dress. She has something around her neck, maybe a camera or binoculars. The handwritten caption underneath the image reads "Sylvia Jean poses!" in blue ink.

This image shows a family sitting on a wooden porch. A woman, likely Dorothy Farthing Greene, sits with three young boys on the front steps. A young girl sits in a man's lap, likely Johnny Preston Greene, Sr., on the porch to the left and two older…

This image shows a young man standing in military service uniform in front of a home. There are floral bushes behind him. The corner of a covered porch can be seen through the bushes to the right of the left of the man. He stands with a slouch in his…

In this blurry photo, a man and woman sit on the porch of a house. The woman is looking towards the man, while the man looks out into the distance or at the camera. A small dog is standing behind the man.

In this photo, a tiny baby is holding onto an outdoor chair. The image appears to be taken on an outdoor porch.

This photo shows two young boys, each wearing bathrobes, standing on the front porch of a house.

This photo shows a woman sitting on the top step of a small porch in front of a house. To the left of her, a dog sits on the porch, too. Three trash cans are piled next to the porch on the right side of the image. On the ground in front of the woman…

In this photo, six people are seen standing outside a building. While two women can be seen to the left talking together, another group of two men and a woman stands to the right of the photo talking. This group appears to be walking across the…

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This image shows a man sitting on a porch. The man is wearing a hat, long sleeve shirt, pants, and shoes. Behind the man, a wicker chair can be seen near a patterned bag of some sort. There is what looks like a pile of wooden planks near the porch…

Copy of Jim-Lai-01-181.jpg
This image shows musicians from the Teams family playing instruments on a porch. The men are wearing long sleeve shirts, pants, and hats. Two of the men are playing banjos. Two of the women are playing instruments that look to be cymbals. There is a…
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