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This image shows five people gathered in front of a tree or bush sitting for the photograph. There is a child sitting to the far right of the image. Two men stand in the center with suits and ties while three women sit in front of them, sharing one…

This image shows a family sitting on a wooden porch. A woman, likely Dorothy Farthing Greene, sits with three young boys on the front steps. A young girl sits in a man's lap, likely Johnny Preston Greene, Sr., on the porch to the left and two older…

This image shows a woman, likely Dorothy Farthing Greene, standing on the side of a dirt path with a building to the left of the image. She wears a dress, small heeled shoes, gloves, and a layered hat. She carries a clutch purse under her arm.…

This image shows a young woman, likely Dorothy Farthing Greene, standing in a field on the other side of a net of some kind. There is a building in the distance. She has on a shirt and skirt with a patterned jacket on her shoulders as she crosses her…

This image shows a young man with a mustache sitting for a picture of him in uniform. He has the number 441 on the bottom of the image. The pin on the lapel to the left has number, possibly 113 or 115. The pin on the lapel to the right has a bird or…

This image shows a young boy in overalls smiling at the camera. A grill of an older model car can be seen to the right of the child. A fence can be seen in the background along with grassy fields. This image has a handwritten caption in blue ink that…

In this portrait, an older woman stands in a red dress, leaning forward on her left arm.

This portrait shows a young woman smiling into the camera with her arms crossed. The "Portrait Farley's Studio, 918 Market Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee" is written on the back of the portrait.

In this portrait, a woman can be seen looking into the camera.

This portrait shows a woman smiling and looking to the left of the camera. She is wearing a dress.
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