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Image shows destruction in Valle Crucis, NC, from the August 1940 flood that decimated Watauga County. Mary Farthing (Mast) stands at the left side of the image. The store owned by her father, today known as the Mast General Store Annex, is off…
A photographic view of the Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Valle Crucis, N.C.
Image of the court yard between buildings of the Valle Crucis Industrial School. Two people are shown walking down the courtyard pathway and a man in a military outfit is in the background.
An image of 3 people sitting on the front porch of Mrs. Finley Mast's Loom House in Valle Crucis, N.C.
An image of the Finely Mast Home.
A Pen and Ink drawing of the Master General Store in Valle Crucis by Jerry Miller.
Image of the Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, N.C.