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This item is a genealogical profile for James Lewis Reese and Blanche Edna Henson. There are various fields for dates, residences, and close family members. All of the form is filled out. There is also a list with the couple's children at the bottom…

This is an empty manila envelope that housed assorted newspaper clippings in this collection. On the outside of the envelope there is a list of various regions of Watauga County. The list includes: "Beech Mtn, Blowing Rock, Boone, Deep Gap, Seven…

This series shows seven rows of negatives. The top rows feature images from the interior of a store. The middle rows feature images of a schoolhouse and people on Mast General Store property. The bottom rows feature images of Valle Crucis School. On…

This image shows seven rows of negatives. The images feature a man grinding an axe, rivers, and barns. The bottom rows of images feature doors and Mast General Store interior. This sheet of negatives has 2032 written on the bottom left of the sheet.…

This image shows a sheet of 33 negatives. These images focus on a field, agriculture, cows, a house, and the Mast General Store. These images can be found in Series 02 of this collection. This sheet is labeled 2027.

This image shows a sheet of 35 negative images. All of these images are of buildings on the property of the Mast Farm Inn. All of these images can be seen individually within Series 02 of this collection. This sheet has a label of 2025.

This image shows the upstairs at the Mast General Store before it was opened to the general public and was used primarily as storage. A man leans over to look at an unfinished shelf, or possibly the casket shown in item 012 of this series. Chairs can…

This image shows Mast General Store before being repainted. There are several cars parked at the store. A sign above the main entrance reads "Store for Sale". Howard Wellington Mast, Sr. owned the store until 1972 when he sold it. There is a road…

This image shows a grassy valley. A fence can be seen in the bottom of the image with a gate. Homes can be seen on the mountain side across the valley. "36 roll #3" is on the back of this image.

This image shows a simple pine casket set upon chairs in the upstairs at the Mast General Store. There are many chairs and the top of the casket set next to the pine box. A woven basket is set on a table or desk in the bottom right of the image. In…
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